The Pinnacle Running Club was formed in 2018 to help dedicated junior runners (ages 12-17) reach the highest level, peak or zenith or achievement through our various training programs.

During these programs, our athletes will learn how to set attainable goals and strategically work towards achieving them at the desired time!  Our coaches create highly-effective, individual training programs for athletes of all abilities with the right determination and perseverance.


> Winter Training Program - $195
The Pinnacle Winter Training Program runs from November 27th, 2018-February 3rd, 2019. It is designed to prepare middle school & high school athletes for winter road races and the upcoming track season by providing a structured training program with motivational leadership and direction.

• 36 Regular Training Sessions (@1 hour on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sundays)
• 10 Strength & Conditioning Sessions (@30 minutes extra on Sundays)
• Pre- and Post-Program Invidividual Goal Setting/Planning/Visualization Sessions
• Coaching and Team Area at Various Road Races & Meets in the Region


> Spring Break Training Program  More Information Coming Soon!


> Summer Training Program  More Information Coming Soon!


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